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  This is a stapler like sewing machine, all you have to do is to hold it in one hand and press it. Replace your sewing kit with hand sewing machine to ease your life!
Sew the split seam.
Small area sewing.
Hand sewing for hand made products.

Pull out the thread and put it through ring A, clip the thread with the two iron sheets and go clockwise once, then go through ring B and the needle. Now you are free to sew!
Put the fabric underneath the needle, then press hard on the machine.
To strength the fabric, repeat the current session once is recommended.
Pull up the fabric with the iron clip, cut any of the two threads then it’s basically done!
Change Needle
Loose the screw on the head of the machine.
Take out the needle with caution.
Replace it with a new needle.
Turn the screw to the right to tighten it.
It’s portable, convenient and electric free.
Multiform modular design, every component is changeable.