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  Taicheng Green Magic Cup Cover Lid applied basic physics theory to perform “Magic”. By one simple press on the head, parts of the air inside the cup will be squeezed out, pressure difference hence happen, thus the cover lid will be “pressed” on top of the cup by atmosphere, and nothing comes in or goes out!


  Taicheng Green Magic Cup Cover Lid is made from SGS Certification food grade heat-resistant silicone to withstand temperatures from -50°C to 232°C, and is 100% leadless. We have 300 thousand US dollars Products Liability Insurance on our products, quality and safty is everything we care about!

/// Specifications
MATERIAL SGS Certification food grade silicone

1. Put the cover lid on the cup
2. Press the head downward
3. Done! No spliting!
 Due to the pressure difference, the cover lid will be attached to the cup.
Designed for 9cm or less Mug、Cup、Glass、Tub